How Bereavement Support Helps People Heal

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Nursing Home

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After the loss of a loved one or a close friend, it is believed bereavement support groups can be beneficial. They are now recognized as a method of promoting healing with support and education. While the debate may not be settled regarding scientific proof of the benefits of these groups, members of bereavement groups have reported them having a significant impact on their emotional expression and the release of their feelings.

The groups offered for bereavement support are available in all types and sizes. The participants may want to have a smaller group where everyone has experienced the same type of loss, such as a sibling, child, spouse, parent, etc. This similarity can help increase the comfort levels of those participating.

For traumatic losses, such as a parent who loses a child or who has someone close to them commit suicide, a group with individuals who have similar losses is typically beneficial. This can help everyone relate to one another and better deal with the issues.

Groups tend to be either open-ended or time-limited. Time-limited groups may meet for a period of six to ten weeks. An open-ended group typically have drop-in arrangements, where the membership can vary from one session to another. The length of time between the meetings may also be longer, with members only getting together once a month or every two weeks. Some individuals who are grieving find that it is beneficial to start out with a more intensive, closed group setting and then move to a drop-in arrangement, where less time and investment is needed.

When facing a loss, many people are unable to deal with the emotion it creates. This is when these groups can be invaluable. They allow them to be around others with a similar situation and help one another heal. Take some time to find a group in the area to begin the healing process. In many cases, a social worker will be able to help those who are grieving and ensure they can begin the healing process. Taking the time to find these groups can be extremely beneficial for those who are dealing with a loss.


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