Receive Home Physical Therapy Service to Avoid Staying In A Nursing Facility

After an accident, illness, or surgery, a patient is often required to go through physical therapy. Very often, a patient isn’t ill enough to remain in a hospital or a facility for their physical therapy or they don’t want to rehab in an institutional setting. A home physical therapy service can come to their home and deliver the same quality care they’d receive staying in a rehabilitation facility or traveling to one several times a week. Home therapy can include physical or occupational therapy and speech pathology. These services will be in accordance with the physician’s protocol for the patient.

A variety of disorders or delays that speech pathology can assist with are:

     *      Dysphagia, also known as swallowing

Voice disorders

Articulation disorders

Social language use or pragmatic disorders

Auditory processing

Oral motor and feeding issues

Fluency and stuttering

And much more.

Swallowing can be difficult for older adults, babies, and individuals that have problems with their brain or nervous system. Some problems that prevent the esophagus from working properly can be minor and others can be very serious. When a patient has difficulty swallowing on a regular basis, physical therapy can help them regain as much use as possible of the esophagus. Home physical therapy service helps an individual regain their independence with daily activities in the comfort of their own home. They can regain productivity, independence, and maximum functional ability. Patients that receive therapy at home can feel at ease and the therapist will address things that could affect their recovery.

An individual that had a hip or knee replacement can benefit tremendously by in-home physical therapy. They will be living in their real-life situation, and the physical therapist will help gain their mobility, strength, and freedom to begin walking again. Occupational therapy can help an individual regain walking, dressing, and feeding skills they may have lost because of a surgical procedure, illness, or injury. Careminders Home Care offers outstanding in-home therapy and delivers the highest quality of home care services in the industry. Services are available for any age of patient, and they being with a free comprehensive in-home assessment. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.