Hyperventilation – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Preventions

Aug 26, 15 Hyperventilation – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Preventions

Hyperventilation is a physical condition in which your breathing speed increases suddenly. Healthy breathing is maintaining the balance between inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Therefore, in the case of hyperventilation, your body becomes unable to maintain this balance and your body exhales more carbon dioxide than the in-haled oxygen. This results in deficiency of carbon dioxide in the body. As hyperventilation increases your breathing rate, so it is also called rapid or fast deep or over breathing.

Symptoms of Hyperventilation

During hyperventilation, there is a reduction in the level of carbon dioxide, because the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain are narrowed. This may lead to unconsciousness, lightheadedness and tingling in fingers.

Causes of Hyperventilation

Several factors that may cause hyperventilation are listed below:

  • Due to stress, nervousness, panic and anxiety
  • Bleeding
  • Due to fever
  • Overdose of drugs
  • Pregnancy
  • Due to severe pain
  • Due to lungs’ infection or disease
  • Due to heart disease

Therefore, if you experience any of the above listed symptoms of hyperventilation, you should contact your doctor for further treatment.

Treatment of Hyperventilation

In the condition of hyperventilation, you need to slow down your breathing rate. By doing so, you can increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your body. So all you have to do is, stay calm and release any sort of stress or nervousness from your mind.

There are some methods for treating hyperventilation, which are listed below:

  •  Do not breathe into your chest and try breathing into your belly.
  •  Slow down your breathing rate, by breathing into paper bag or in your cup-hands.
  •  Try to breathe from pursed lips.
  •  Try alternate nostril breathing technique by covering your mouth.

Preventing hyperventilation
To keep balance of the air you take in and out, is the main goal is to prevent hyperventilation. So all you need to do is to learn that how to stay calm and learn some breathing techniques.Some of the breathing techniques that may help you to control your breathing are given below:

  •  Regular meditation
  •  Mind or body related exercises. For example: Yoga.
  •  Practice physical exercises on regular basis like walking, running, bicycling etc.
  •  Practice full body breathing.
  •  Practice deep belly breathing.

As hyperventilation is a serious problem, by doing proper prevention and treatment techniques/methods, you can easily tackle it. For more info visit : Website URL.