How a Chiropractor can Help Alleviate Low Back Pain

Most individuals experience back pain at one point or another, but for a startlingly large number of adults, back pain is a consistent problem. This chronic pain can cause issues at work and home, making it difficult to enjoy life and complete even simple tasks. The variety of available treatments is vast and can be confusing or intimidating, but if you’re experiencing low back pain in St. Louis, a chiropractor may be able to help you. Here’s how.

Identifying the Problem

Chiropractors use a collection of techniques to identify a patient’s specific issues. They may work in coordination with your doctor to diagnose your ailment and come up with a treatment plan. This can be a beneficial partnership if you’d like to avoid surgery or powerful pain medication. The problem may not reside only in your back, and a thorough examination can help the chiropractor to locate your musculoskeletal problems. Though they are often not doctors, chiropractors undergo extensive training.

An Assortment of Treatments

It may feel strange at first, but the pushing and pulling and repositioning of your body through spinal manipulation can help patients receive significant back pain relief. Other techniques, like massage and electrical stimulation, may be useful depending on the patient. The chiropractor may also suggest relaxation techniques, an exercise routine, or a series of stretches that can alleviate back pain over time. In many cases, patient education and patient cooperation with stretching or exercising routines is paramount to long-lasting pain relief.

If you’re suffering with low back pain in St. Louis, you could be a handful of chiropractor visits away from pain relief. If you’re interested in trying a more conservative pain management system for longer lasting relief, check out the experts at the Back & Neck Care Center of North County to see how they can help you feel better.