What Are Evaluation and Management Coding Tools and Why Do They Matter?

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Healthcare

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Have you ever wondered what hospitals do with all the paperwork you fill out? And what do doctors do with all the things they write down during your exam anyway? The answer, at least at first, is that they use an evaluation and management coding tool to put the information into a database. This process is what lets healthcare providers and insurance companies keep track of everyone’s records. Here’s why that’s important.

Keeping Records Accurate
When it comes to health records, the name of the game is accuracy. In the past, there was no uniform way of keeping track of medical records, but all that has changed. Congress passed guidelines for evaluation and management coding tools in 1995 that tell healthcare providers how they should translate all that paperwork into official records. This uniformity allows medical institutions to communicate effectively and accurately with each other based on a general code.

Clinical Coders
Once the information is received, a person called a clinical coder will analyze it and code it. That means that he or she will look at what is written down and tag the information with a specific code. Codes are series of letters and numbers that let other professionals know at a glance what type of problem you have along with other information such as what type of insurance coverage you have.

Why This Matters
Evaluation and management coding tools are increasingly important because the world is becoming more and more connected. Technology allows us to communicate easily, and our ability to travel longer distances allows us to seek help wherever we can find it. That means that our medical information needs to be accurate and easily accessible to whichever doctor we are using now.

Without these codes, the accuracy of information becomes less sure. We also lose the ability to seek help from other doctors or specialists if they cannot know our medical history. That is why good medical coding is critical to a successful medical system. Often, medical institutions hire outside firms who specialize in coding to help get the job done. You can read more about such firms like GeBBS Healthcare Solutions at their website.

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