How Do Keratin Treatments Work?

Mar 29, 18 How Do Keratin Treatments Work?

If you’ve ever struggled with frizzy, puffy hair, you’ve probably heard about the miracle of keratin treatments by now. If you’ve never had one of these done before, you may not believe the claims. But understanding how a keratin treatment works may just convince you to give it a try.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that your hair naturally makes. If you know someone who always has naturally smooth, frizz-free hair, it’s partially because their hair produces more keratin than yours. Our hair can lose keratin over time when under the sun, or when in a humid environment – which is why your hair is often frizzier on rainy summer days.

What Does Keratin Do?

Hair has a characteristic called porosity, which means “how full of holes in the shaft of your hair.” Everyone’s hair has tiny holes, but some people’s is more porous than others. Keratin fills in the tiny holes and gaps in the hair, sealing the hair into a smooth, shiny shaft. If your hair has less keratin due to your genetics, the weather, chemicals you’ve put on your hair, or for any other reason, the hair follicle will not be smooth and shiny – which, to our eye, looks like frizz.

So How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

A keratin treatment simply adds keratin back to your hair. It helps to strengthen the hair follicles, smooth the hair shaft, and make your hair healthier. One of the biggest reasons why so many professionals recommend this treatment is because keratin treatments don’t change the structure of your hair. This differs from things like straightening treatments, which break the protein bonds of your hair to reform them to a new style.

What to Expect

A keratin treatment involves three steps. First, there is a pre-treatment to get your hair clean and to the proper pH level. Then there is an application of the keratin product, where a brush is used, very similar to having your hair colored. Then we’ll use heat to seal the keratin into your hair. Overall, the procedure takes about as long as having your hair colored, and the treatment can last around five to six months depending on how well you take care of it at home.

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