What is Podiatric Medicine in Racine, WI All About?

Mar 21, 18 What is Podiatric Medicine in Racine, WI All About?

Think about how important the feet and ankles are. Often taken for granted, this part of the body comes into contact with a lot of different surfaces and continues to hold up a person’s weight throughout most of the day. While general practitioners take care of all parts of the body, doctors involved in podiatric medicine in Racine WI focus solely on the feet.


Conditions like diabetes tend to have a negative effect on the feet. When patients have damaged nerves, they may not feel all of the sensations on their feet, including things like pain. It’s important that diabetics meet with a professional in Podiatric Medicine in Racine WI to keep a close eye on the feet and prevent any smaller issues from turning into a larger problem.


Some patients have concerns about their feet but they have no idea what the problem is. Everything from a painful toenail to feet that have an unpleasant odor can be frustrating and in some cases, awkward. A podiatrist listens to patients concerns, takes a look at the feet and determines what the problem is. Once a diagnosis has been found, treatment is the next step.


Podiatrists specifically treat issues with the feet. Heel pain, hammertoes, and even athlete’s foot can all be addressed by a podiatrist that has a clear understanding of how the feet work and what they need to function properly. Sometimes treatment is as simple as a prescription medication. Other times surgery may be required to provide a more comfortable walking experience for patients. It’s beneficial to have a specialist not only diagnosing the problem but also coming up with a solution.

Patients that have concerns about their feet may have concerns about coming in. They may be embarrassed by their symptoms or the look of their feet. However, podiatrists have a solution that could completely transform a person’s life and their ability to walk and use their feet in an effective manner. Browse our website to take a closer look at the many conditions that can be treated by a podiatrist and learn more about setting up an appointment.