How Egg Freezing In San Francisco, CA Helps Mothers

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Healthcare

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California doctors review each candidate for in vitro fertilization. They explore the underlying possibilities that could prevent reproduction. Doctors who find the underlying cause of these difficulties helps the women to increase their odds of conception. Egg Freezing in San Francisco, CA, helps them with these efforts.

Preparing for In Vitro Procedures
Prior to any implantation, the mother begins to take hormones to help them conceive naturally. The doctor recommends they take these hormones for at least a few weeks before the procedure. The hormones are dispensed through injections in most cases.

Freezing Samples from Both Parents
The doctor cultivates samples for both parents. The doctor collects several samples from the parents and freezes them. Egg Freezing in San Francisco, CA, helps the doctor to perform in vitro several times. This allows them to continue until they achieve successful fertilization. By acquiring several samples, the parents don’t have to give a sample prior to each treatment.

How is In Vitro Done?
The doctor places the eggs, and biological matter collected into a petri dish. They wait for natural reproduction to take place. After the egg is fertilized and viable, it is implanted into the mother’s uterus. The doctor evaluates the fetus as it grows to ensure successful implantation. However, if a miscarriage occurs, they must start the process over again.

For some women, these failures are discouraging. However, they continue to seek treatment until they become pregnant. The doctors help them with these efforts and investigate any underlying issues.

Surgeries that Help
Doctors perform a variety of procedures to unblock the fallopian tubes. These surgeries are used to help mothers conceive without in vitro. However, polycystic ovary syndrome is the most difficult to treat. Women with this condition may require multiple surgeries.

California women may need in vitro to become pregnant. The doctors help them to identify problems that block their fallopian tubes and stop reproduction. These conditions could limit the effects of in vitro. This is why doctors try to treat those conditions first. Women receive in vitro and examinations through a local provider. They should Visit Laurel Fertility Care to schedule an appointment.

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