What are the Main Signs You Need to Call a Podiatrist Immediately?

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Health

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Whether or not you consider yourself healthy and fit, you may experience problems with your ankles and feet and wonder whether the problem is serious enough to require a Podiatrist’s attention.

Here’re some of the signs you should look for to know it’s time to call a Podiatrist in Plainfield.

One Foot Is Swollen, Numb or Aching
Although an occasional foot swelling or soreness after an intense physical is normal, sudden pain, numbness or swelling (for no apparent reason) in a single foot isn’t. If you experience this problem, call a Podiatrist immediately.

Endless Heel Pain
There are many issues that can lead to heel pain, and some of them may be more serious than you think. Getting a qualified Podiatrist in Plainfield may help you quell a potentially serious issue in good time.

You Have Nail Fungus
Today, there are more cases of toenail fungal infection than ever due to the exponential increase in nail salons. If your toenails are thick and discolored, you should have them checked by a professional. This issue can become very serious if left untreated.

You Have a Painful Ingrown Toenail
You may be tempted to remove an ingrown toenail. Don’t. Call an expert to assess the problem and remove the nail painlessly and safely.

Call a professional Podiatrist today
If you notice these or other similar signs, you should seek the attention of a Podiatrist immediately. Call Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates today. They will examine your ankles or feet thoroughly and prescribe a tailor-made treatment for you.

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