Reversing the Side Effects with Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Weston, FL

Mar 01, 21 Reversing the Side Effects with Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Weston, FL

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many individuals. When a man has trouble performing in the bedroom due to erectile dysfunction, medical treatment can change that. Intimacy will soon be more enjoyable for both partners.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in Weston, FL treats the cause of the disorder. Blood flow restriction is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. Patients have seen noticeable results after only the first session of treatment.

Injection for Men

The injection uses platelet-rich plasma to inject into genital areas that impact sexual performance. The patient’s platelets and growth factors are used to restore sexual function. This injection is a long-lasting solution for men. Men with prostate issues can benefit from this treatment too.

To complete this procedure, the physician takes some of the patient’s blood. It’s turned into platelet-rich plasma in a centrifuge. A numbing agent is applied to the injection site. The patient is given the injection with their own blood cells. Since everything being used is natural, there are no side effects.

Injection for Women

It’s no secret that a woman’s body changes throughout life too. Having children and aging affect the body. Discomfort during intercourse after menopause and urinary incontinence are the most common problems women face. At least fifty percent of women suffer from low libido at some point in their lives.

It targets issues with urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction. The challenges women face with these problems disappear after receiving this injection. This is also a treatment with platelet-rich plasma that heightens sensitivity and regenerates sexual function. It also restores bladder control. Vaginal and clitoral functionality is also restored.

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