How Students and Parents Can Get Better Results From School Physicals

Jul 28, 15 How Students and Parents Can Get Better Results From School Physicals

In the United States, there seems to be a growing problem with weight gain and inactivity in adolescents. These children have a tendency to eat unhealthy and get little-to-no physical activity. Maintaining unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle often leads individuals to become overweight, and children who grow to be overweight often stay that way well into their adulthood.

The surge in overweight children is one of the reasons why schools invest so much in school physicals. These physicals are a way for schools to keep up with the overall health of their students. Both students and parents are often shocked at the results from these tests. A physical is designed to test a student’s level of physical conditioning. Students are often instructed to complete a series of exercises as best as they can, and the weight and body fat of each student is also recorded.

If you’re a parent or student who isn’t happy with the results they’ve seen, there are a few things that can be done. For instance, parents should focus more on the foods that their children are consuming. Adolescents have a tendency to consume foods that are fattening and high in calories. Parents should teach their children the importance of making healthier decisions when it comes to snacks and meals. For instance, consider having your child drink more water and less sugary drinks, such as soda and lemonade.

Conditioning and overall fitness are two huge factors when it comes to school physicals. Surprisingly, these days, many adolescents are much more out of shape than their parents might think. Why? Nowadays, many teens live very sedentary lifestyles; instead of riding bikes and playing sports, more teens prefer watching television and playing video games. Parents should encourage their children to get at least 60 minutes of exercise each day to stay fit and conditioned.

For those teens needing extra help the Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services are available to help. Again, the physicals given by schools are simply meant to record the overall health and conditioning of adolescents. Parents who are concerned about their children should consider focusing on their fitness and diet; consider cutting out unhealthy foods and encouraging more regular physical activity. You can follow them on Google+.