What Visco Elastic Memory Foam Is

Jul 27, 15 What Visco Elastic Memory Foam Is

If you hear the term, visco elastic memory foam, you may not know what it is – but that is just the technical terminology for a memory foam mattress. The great thing about visco elastic memory foam is that it is a manmade product that reacts to ones weight at well as their body temperature, meaning that when someone lies down upon it, it conforms to their body, cradling them while they sleep. This particular foam was design by NASA to ensure that any astronauts that went into space, would be able to achieve a great nights’ sleep while they were in space.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Feel

Depending on the firmness selected at time of purchase, there is a wide variety of different ‘feels’ that this mattress can have. Ranging from very firm to very soft, a visco elastic memory foam mattress is extremely versatile and there is one to suit everyone person’s personal preference. This design of mattress evenly displaces your weight over the entire surface that your body is touching which in turn minimizes those high pressure point areas leaving everyone feeling well rested in the morning.

Additional Benefits

Some of the greatest qualities that visco elastic memory foam possesses (besides affording people the ability to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud) are that it is resistant to:

* Mold and Bacteria
* Mites and Mildew
* Odors

Visco elastic memory foam is especially a great option for those who suffer from severe allergies because it is pretty much allergen resistant. It also does not transfer weight between people that are on the bed, meaning no matter how much your partner may toss and turn, you will not be bothered while you are sleeping.

How Visco Elastic Memory Foam Works

In layman’s terms, visco elastic memory foam is comprised of tiny little pockets that retain memory. These microscopic pockets react to weight and temperature fluctuations that naturally conform to any object that is placed upon it. There are different variations of visco elastic memory foam available on the market today, which can provide additional benefits to those who invest in the product. Some different types include gel, but most of them now are combined with temperature regulating materials.

The advantages that visco elastic memory foam has to offer are countless, many companies that sell these particular type of mattresses offer a thirty day (or longer) hassle free, money back guarantee – there is no reason not to try one out. You have nothing to lose but another sleepless night. To know more about visco elastic memory foam mattress visit the website of Innate Sleep or follow them on Twitter.