How to Find a Good Eye Doctor

Feb 21, 13 How to Find a Good Eye Doctor

Not all eye doctors are created equal. Well, most are, because they qualified from reputable institutions, but how do you find the right eye doctor for you? The first thing to think about is the health of your eyes. If you have been experiencing some difficulty seeing objects further away, you might need a check-up. If you have been having any other kind of trouble you should definitely see an eye doctor to determine the general health of your eyes and to find out if you need eye glasses or contacts.

Eye doctors are specialists in overall eye health and treatment. They don’t all just tell you that you need glasses. Some can actually help determine other health conditions in other parts of your body. The iris is said to be a map of the body, split into segments the way iridologists use to diagnose health problems. Many eye doctors know this and they use it to judge your general health as well as that of your eyes.


A thorough eye examination usually consists of testing your vision, using reading exercises on the familiar letters board we all recognize. Other methods are to use filter lenses to test for sensitivity and underlying sight issues.

When you first enter the eye doctor’s office you should see an array of equipment that can seem quite daunting. The machines and gadgets look confusing and weird but they each serve a purpose. Your eye doctor should put you at ease and make you feel very comfortable. Some of them will ask about previous eye health or general body health conditions to ascertain if further examination is needed. They will then look into your eyes to check the health of your retina, your lenses, and all the components of your inner eye.

Stay Local

If you live in North Carolina an eye doctor in Durham NC can help you with your eye health. You don’t have to drive miles to find an eye doctor that you may not like. It is always more useful to get recommendations from family or friends to find out if they have a preferred eye doctor they always use and trust. That can be comforting because you know they would only tell you about someone they knew to be good. In the absence of recommendations from family and friends you would need to check your local listings and go and visit them for an eye test. Again, make sure you feel comfortable with them. Their demeanor should be friendly, yet professional and they will put you through the series of tests with ease.

eye glasses and contact lenses available, which should be extensive, and get their advice when needed.