How to Find Your Lasik Surgeon

Jan 09, 19 How to Find Your Lasik Surgeon

For those of us living in the United States, vision problems are all too familiar. Vision problems affect nearly half of the US population. Fortunately, eyesight is relatively easy to correct. Glasses or contact lenses offer a simple solution to a complex problem. But the latest trend in corrective solutions for bad eyesight is lasik. Lasik surgery has developed into an efficient and safe alternative to glasses and contacts.

If you’re considering lasik, finding the right surgeon can be challenging. Utilize the following tips to simplify your search, and find the best lasik surgeon for you.


Searching the internet has become the easiest solution when it comes to finding something, whether it’s a babysitter, a restaurant, or– you guessed it– a lasik surgeon. A quick search in Google can return dozens of results for surgeons near Jacksonville and offers an excellent starting point for gathering names and companies to compare. Google also opens up access to reviews, so if there’s a surgeon out there that’s not so good, someone’s undoubtedly taken to Google to complain or warn others.


Utilize your insurance company’s website to help you narrow down your results. Lasik surgery isn’t covered by all plans, but using the search engine within your insurance company can help you discover what doctors can accept your insurance. By checking with your insurance first, you can be clear on which doctors are in your network, thus avoiding some costly surprises down the road.

Word of Mouth

The most valuable advertising is done by word of mouth. Check with some people who have already had lasik surgery and find out who their surgeon was. Or check with your current eye doctor; if they can’t perform the operation, as some practitioners are able to do, they can certainly offer recommendations for a qualified surgeon.