How to Take an Eye Exam in Wichita, KS ?

Oct 02, 18 How to Take an Eye Exam in Wichita, KS ?

Most people should get an eye exam at least every three years. It is important for children to get regular exams because their eyes change from year to year. Doctors will guide you through the process, but it helps to prepare for Eye Exam in Wichita, KS.

Before going to the exam, you want to check the vision portion of your insurance coverage. The insurance may cover part of the fee for the exam. It is also important to not forget to bring your insurance card to the appointment.Most doctors may ask questions about your medications and the previous glasses that you wore in the past. It helps to bring your glasses, contacts and write down the name of the prescriptions drugs you are currently taking.

Some vision related conditions like glaucoma and cataracts are common in families. It is important to know your family’s medical history. During the initial meeting, the doctor is going to ask questions about your medical history. Patients should be honest with their answers. If you are having eye problems or had them in the past, then you want to tell your doctor about them. The examination may consist of the doctor checking your eyes with a light. It helps to sit still and follow the direction of your doctor. Your doctor will give instructions on where to look and how to tilt the head. At a certain point during the exam, he will ask you to look through a phoroptor. The phoropter works by changing the lenses and comparing vision before and after each lens change.

There is the possibility of having to take additional tests after having the examination. Some doctors recommend a retinal examination, which involves removing the contacts and putting in eyedrops. The eyedrops causes the retinas to enlarge. After administering the drops, your doctor will use a light to shine into the eyes. It helps to go to a doctor who has experience with treating different types of eye conditions. For more information about eye care or to schedule an appointment, visit our site.