When a Family Doctor in Wichita, Kansas Diagnosis a Group of Symptoms as an Indication of Chronic Stress

Sep 29, 18 When a Family Doctor in Wichita, Kansas Diagnosis a Group of Symptoms as an Indication of Chronic Stress

When a patient has to keep visiting a family doctor in Wichita, Kansas for a hodgepodge of various health issues, that physician may start to suspect this patient is dealing with a lot of stress. Chronic stress is known to be a risk factor for catching contagious illnesses as well as developing other, sometimes unexplainable, symptoms.

Stress-Related Symptoms

The patient may complain of unusual fatigue, frequent headaches, and digestive upset, but no underlying cause can be found. Other disturbing problems may arise. The person notices more hair than usual in the comb after using it. Skin breakouts, such as acne or eczema, appear. It seems like this person has a cold or a sore throat every month or two.

Distinct Signs of Chronic Stress

At first, it may feel annoying to the patient of a family doctor in Wichita, Kansas to be asked about stress. The patient wants to know why the doctor is concentrating on diagnostic tests and conventional treatments for the symptoms. This person may want prescription medication or feel scared that the symptoms indicate a serious disorder. The physician recognizes the grouping of certain symptoms as distinct signs of chronic stress. It’s no surprise to the doctor when the patient starts talking about having to work 80 hours a week or caring for a disabled relative.

Chronic High Adrenaline Production

The human body, like that of other animals, is designed to handle short-term stress well. A burst of adrenaline, a hormone is also known as cortisol, allows a human or an animal the chance to think very clearly and make sudden decisions. It boosts physical energy and strength needed in a crisis. But when the crisis seems to continue for days, weeks, and months, the constant bombardment of adrenaline is very taxing. This is tough on the immune system and decreases the person’s well-being.

A doctor with a clinic like Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC can offer tips for beating stress, but getting the patient to accept this diagnosis is a big step in itself. Now the person knows it’s time to do something about managing this life situation more effectively.