Laser Vein Treatment in Meridian ID: A Minimally Invasive Option for Eliminating Varicose Veins

Laser Vein Treatment in Meridian ID is used to eliminate varicose veins that are causing discomfort or dissatisfaction with the leg’s appearance. These malfunctioning veins do not send blood back to the heart because their valves no longer work. Blood pools in the legs, which can make them feel heavy and achy. People generally also feel that varicose veins are unattractive or even ugly, making them never want to wear any clothing that shows the veins.

About Laser Vein Therapy

When a doctor performs Laser Vein Treatment in Meridian ID, a very thin fiber is inserted into the unhealthy blood vessel through a catheter. High-intensity laser light is aimed at the problem vein, damaging this vessel so it collapses. The body gradually absorbs this tissue, and it is eliminated naturally as a waste product. Veins are so prevalent in the legs that the malfunctioning one was no longer necessary. The blood simply flows through the healthy veins instead.

Minimally Invasive

This is a less conservative form of treatment than wearing compression stockings, which is often the first recommendation for treating varicose veins. However, men and women might have to wear those stockings every day. The products prevent blood from accumulating in the veins but do nothing about making the legs look attractive again. Laser treatment is only minimally invasive, unlike the surgical stripping of severe varicose veins from the legs.

Future Preventive Strategies

People who have had varicose veins are at higher risk of developing them again. The doctor can provide suggestions for preventing this. Losing weight is important for men and women who should do so, as the legs have to support a great deal of weight. Regular exercise that improves muscle tone is advisable.

After the Treatment

With about 25 percent of adults having varicose veins, it’s reassuring to know that minimally invasive treatment is available to eliminate those problem blood vessels. Laser treatment at a center such as Belle Vous Medi Spa does not cause scarring, although temporary bruising is common. Compression stockings may be required for a week or two. Visit website to learn more about this particular spa.