Massage Continuing Education Options

All continuing education programs have the goal of keeping massage therapists current with the latest methods and skills, as well as covering other therapy specialties such as pregnancy massage, canine massage, and massage for sports or medical purposes. With an estimated eighty or more different massage methods available, there is always a lot more for massage therapists to learn!

Benefits of Taking CE Courses

In addition to being advantageous to you as a therapist, signing up for a further education course may also prove to be fruitful from a business perspective. As you continue learning and improving your skill set, your services are likely to be in higher demand. By expanding your business by offering clients a wider range of therapies, you will be reaching a broader base of customers, and hopefully boosting your bottom line.

The more skilled you become the greater justification for raising your rates. It follows that by raising your skill set and service levels, your earning potential is enhanced. Your regular hourly rate can be increased according to the services that you are able to provide. Consequently, learning new skills is an investment in your professional future, and should be seen as such.

Available Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

After you’ve completed your massage therapy training, whether by degree or certification, continuing education is necessary on an ongoing basis. You’ll be required to take courses to increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills. A variety of instructional courses are available from which to choose to help move forward in your career as a therapist in massage.

You may consider studying some of the following areas in more detail:

  • Connective Tissue Manipulation
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Medical Advancement Therapy
  • Tui-Na and traditional Thai massage

Learning more about connective tissue manipulation is an important part of massage continuing education. Connective tissue manipulation relates to an understanding of how fibrous tissue can be massaged to ease pain caused by injury.

Craniosacral therapy relates to the study of how light massage of the bones in the skull, spine and pelvis can ease pain and improve mobility in a patient.

Medical advancement therapy is an essential skill, particularly for anyone choosing a career working with a chiropractor or doctor.

You’ll find myriad other courses available for further massage therapy training. It is recommended that as a massage therapist you keep improving your skill set and learn about the most up-to-date methods being used by top professionals in the field. Every step you take towards bettering your skills will serve to help you become a better massage therapist.

A large number of massage therapy continuing education classes can be completed in a short one or two day course, with courses often available on weekends. Educational institutions realize how busy our lives can be, so they try to provide learning programs that will enable you to be able pursue your education in a practical way.