Need for Eye Exam in Bonita Springs, Florida

by | May 4, 2012 | Healthcare Systems

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Are you looking for an eye exam in Bonita Springs Florida? Then you are on the right way. Many tests are necessary in detecting the presence of diseases. Doctors have the right tools like flash bright light and instruments that will help in detecting the disease. They may ask you to try various lenses to ensure that which one is best for you. Every eye test does an evolution of various aspects of your eyes. As it is said that precaution is better than cure, so it is important to go for eye test regularly, since early detection will help in successful treatment. So finding a good and reliable ophthalmologist in Bonita Springs Florida should be your first priority.

An ophthalmologist will start the diagnosis session or your eye exam by asking many questions written in his/her questionnaire like history about your eye’s health and difficulties that you are facing regarding your vision, etc. After the initial general discussion, he/she will ask you to identify the small letters on the chart and thus, he or she will be able to determine your eye’s power.

Then he/she will start checking for refractive errors in your eyes. If a refractive error is detected in your eyes, then it means that your eye’s shape does not properly refract the external light, which will result in blur image formation. Well, these errors are just simple eye disorders and not the actual diseases. There are basically four kinds of refractive errors:

1. Myopia: It is commonly called as nearsightedness. In this error, there is difficulty in seeing objects located at a distant place.

2. Hyperopia: It is commonly called as farsightedness. In this error, there is difficulty in looking at nearby objects.

3. Astigmatism: In this type of error, vision seems to be blurred for close as well as far-off objects.

4. Presbyopia: In this type of error, eyes lose the ability of changing the focus from far-off to near-by objects while exposed for long duration of time.

These errors are common in most of the people. Usually, ophthalmologist suggests wearing contact lenses or glasses for correction of those errors. However, in some particular cases, he/she may even recommend for refractive surgery. After error testing, he/she would test the eyelid functions, coordination between the eye muscles, response of pupil to light, side vision, the pressure within the eyes, etc.

An ophthalmologist will also check for anterior of the eye, the region from the lens that includes iris and the cornea. There will also be a test for retina. After all the  examinations and tests, he/she will diagnose the problem and recommend the best treatment like using eye drops, contact lenses or surgery depending upon the results of the tests.

Many ophthalmologists available perform eye exam in Bonita Springs Florida. It is always better to go for general check-up of your eyes regularly to avoid any kind of vision error or disease.

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