Reasons Dental Health is Important for your Dog

Nov 03, 17 Reasons Dental Health is Important for your Dog

The saying goes that a dog’s mouths are cleaner than a person’s mouth. Even so, regular dental care for your precious pup is important. Even something as small as just brushing their teeth on a regular basis can do wonders for their long-term dental health. If you aren’t considering seeking out animal teeth cleaning services in Chicago for your dog, here are the main reasons you should definitely reconsider.

#1. Preventing disease
Dogs are just as vulnerable to all of the mouth-borne diseases that plaque us as we are. And thus need regular brushing to get the plague off of their teeth. For plague becomes tartar, which can grow into a wide range of nasty bacteria and diseases. This includes periodontal disease, bad breath, and tooth and gum damage.

#2. Helping lose baby teeth
Dogs have baby teeth, just like humans do. And like with human baby teeth, lack of proper care can make the process of losing them significantly more painful. Those teeth are going to come out, one way or another, but maintaining your dog’s dental health makes losing them easier, faster, and much less painful. Ideally, you should start taking care of your dog’s teeth when they’re still a puppy, as this will carry over into the later parts of their life.

#3. Less expensive
Those who think dog dentistry is cheaper than the human variety are in for a rude awakening. While definitely important to take your dog in for a professional cleaning, not only is it expensive once, doing it regularly in place of cleaning your dog’s teeth yourself can add up to a massive financial problem. While, like humans, your dog will have to go in for a checkup eventually, brushing and taking care of your dog’s teeth early on mitigates how many times you need to visit the vet for a cleaning every year by a wide margin.

#4. Improves health
Besides preventing mouth-borne diseases, taking care of your dog’s mouth from an early age can prevent other diseases too. That bacteria that forms in their mouths isn’t going to stop in their mouths. Left unchecked, it’ll spread throughout the dog’s entire body, causing a whole mess of harmful diseases and bugs. These bacteria can also seriously harm the dog’s internal organs on top of that, so regular and early dental care for your dog is imperative to prevent this.

There is no bad time to start, as once you start regularly cleaning your dog’s teeth, you improve their overall health considerably. So don’t wait another minute, start brushing your dog’s teeth and book a trip to the vet for a cleaning as soon as possible. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic for more information or visit