Retina Treatment: helpful to your vision

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Eye Care Center

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The retina of your eye is where visual images are focused and transmitted to your brain via the optic nerve. The retina is a thin layer of tissue that receives and processes visible light, and it can easily be damaged. A sudden jerking motion on a roller coaster, in a car accident or from an injury could tear the retina, leading to a complete loss of vision. Damage to the retina can also occur as a result of medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure that are not properly treated.

The retina’s health is critical to your vision. Our retina specialist in Mount Prospect offers the care that you need in order to protect your retina and your eye health. We diagnose and treat disorders of the retina. Perhaps you looked at a bright light and burned your retina. Maybe your diabetes was poorly controlled. If you were in an accident or were injured, medical management of your healing process could help preserve your vision.

Our range of treatment options includes regular eye exams with our retina specialist. Our physician may prescribe eye drops to correct pressure and other disorders of the eye that affect the retina. If you have an infection of the eye affecting your retina, you may receive antibiotic ointments for your eyes. Eye surgery may be another option for your retinal disorder. Most eye surgeries are performed with robotic instruments and lasers, resulting in precise corrections and repairs to the delicate and small tissues of the eye.

To learn more about the eye care options provided by our retina specialist in Mount Prospect, give us at Arlington Eye Physicians LLC a call any time. You may also explore our website at Domain Url to learn more about disorders of the retina and treatments for them.

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