What to Expect from an Eye Examination in Brookline, MA

Going in for an eye examination can be stressful, but when you know exactly what to expect from your exam, you will be able to remain calm both before and during the appointment. It is especially beneficial to be able to explain to children what to expect during their exam so that they are prepared and willing to answer any questions that the doctor may have, which will result in them receiving the best care possible.

Discussing Your History

The first part of an eye examination in Brookline, MA will consist of talking about your vision, your medical history, and whether or not there are any medical problems that run in your family which could cause issues for you in the future. You will want to bring your contacts or glasses, if you wear them, along with any pertinent information about vision problems in your family. Your doctor will also ask about your general medical history, which may seem unrelated, but can be pertinent.

Examining Your Eyes

Depending on any concerns that the doctor may have, he or she may perform a number of different tests to check your eyes, how well they work together, and how quickly your pupils are able to respond to changes in light. They may also want to examine the back of your eyes to check your retina and the fluid in your eyes during your eye examination.

It’s important to remember that your doctor will be very clear with you about the tests that they are going to perform, so you are prepared for the procedures. While an eye examination isn’t cause for a lot of stress, it is normal to feel a little anxious leading up to your appointment. Contact us to learn more about what to expect from your appointment, how to prepare, and what you can do to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your visit.