Rid Yourself of Herpes With New Herpes Treatments

Aug 09, 13 Rid Yourself of Herpes With New Herpes Treatments

logoThousands of men and women around the world are diagnosed with some form of the herpes virus. Whether it is oral or genital, physicians are seeing an increase in diagnoses in adults. Statistics show that more women than men are infected with the genital herpes virus. This form is normally caused by intimate contact with an infected person while oral herpes is caused by kissing and oral contact with the virus. Once you come into contact with it, there is almost a 100% chance you will become infected.

There are a variety of treatments for herpes, from medicine to home remedies. However, most home remedies have been found ineffective and medication may reduce the symptoms of the virus but they do not ‘rid’ you of it. They only send it into a remission of sorts. Even if you are in remission and symptom free, you need to remember that you can still pass it onto another person.

The best herpes treatments would be ones that actually remove the virus from your body. This is done by increasing your immune system and detoxifying the body. Physicians have been able to come up with a combination of specific minerals, over a period of about 10 years, that has been shown to remove the virus markers from the cells they have attached to. Therefore, it allows your own immune system to fight the virus and potentially rid you of it completely. It will also remove other toxins from within the cells, making it more effective in ridding you of the virus.

Normally this type of cell detox is a two step process. The first step is starting to take the minerals. During this step, you may notice yourself getting a runny nose or developing acne. This is a sign that the minerals in the herpes treatments are helping your body get rid of toxins deep within the cells. The second part is when you will start taking a concentrated form of the minerals three times daily for two weeks. This step allows your body to get rid of any other free viruses that may potentially still be within the cells. If you are in an intimate relationship and think you may have herpes, it’s best for both you and your partner to undergo herpes treatments to ensure you don’t reinfect each other.

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