Seeking The Best Treatment For The Pain You Have In Your Neck

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Chiropractic

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Neck pain can sometimes be very debilitating. The pain that you experience could be the result of an injury or from a medical issue that needs to be treated. Fortunately, there are options for neck pain treatment Jacksonville FL chiropractors offer.


There are a few different types of spinal manipulations that can be performed to help relieve pain in your neck depending on the cause of your pain. Some of the options for neck pain treatment Jacksonville FL chiropractors provide include instruments that are used to manipulate the neck as well as the doctor’s hands in order to get the best movement and results possible.


Sometimes, massaging the muscles in your neck can be beneficial in relieving pain that you experience. Deep tissue massage is performed by a licensed massage therapist. This type of therapy focuses on the underlying muscles in your neck instead of only those that are just below the skin. Oils can be used during the massage process for added comfort with many essential oils providing pain relief that sometimes isn’t seen with other types of treatment.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Small electrical pulsations can be used to help stimulate the muscles in your neck. Your doctor can use an instrument that delivers a mild shock to the muscles. This is usually painless but helps to relieve the pain that you experience by relaxing the muscles instead of them staying contracted, which is sometimes why you might have so much pain. Another option is ultrasound waves. These are gentle waves that are sent through your neck to relieve any stiffness that you might have that can make moving your neck a bit easier.

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