Symptoms and Effective Treatment Options for a Mold Spore Allergy

Nov 29, 19 Symptoms and Effective Treatment Options for a Mold Spore Allergy

Mold allergies affect people of all ages, and they are especially dangerous to the very young, elderly people, and those who have compromised immune systems. If you believe you might have a mold spore allergy, make an appointment with an allergist for Allergy testing near Birmingham, AL. Your allergist will take note of your symptoms and then may recommend the following treatment options.

Mold Allergy Symptoms

Like with any other allergy, a mold spore allergy may cause a runny nose, coughing, watery eyes, sneezing, and a sore throat. It may also cause thick nasal mucus, a bad taste in your mouth, and earache. Mold spore allergies can also cause a condition known as dermatographia. If you have this skin condition, you will develop reddened welts from the slightest scratch on your skin.

Sometimes the welts itch as hives do, but they are often asymptomatic. While mold allergies can be effectively treated once your allergy diagnosis has been confirmed through allergy testing near Birmingham AL, they can raise your risk for developing serious fungal infections of your sinus cavity and lungs. If your doctor has treated your sinus or lung infection with antibiotics but you haven’t gotten any better, your infection may be fungal in nature and not from a strain of bacteria.

Treatments For Mold Allergies

Because fungal infections caused by mold allergies do not respond to antibiotics, your doctor will prescribe anti-fungal medications. He or she may also recommend that you use a steroid nasal spray to help decrease inflammation in your sinus cavity. Antihistamines can help with a runny nose, while decongestants help with nasal congestion. If you have a fungal infection in your lungs, you may benefit from nebulizer inhalation treatments or an inhaler.

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