Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas

Weight loss surgery is quickly becoming one of the most trusted ways of losing and maintaining weight for those who struggle with obesity. With the emergence of weight loss clinics and surgeons willing to perform these procedures, more patients are finding they now have the assistance they need to lose weight and get healthier. Just like with any health procedure, weight loss surgery in Las Vegas is only done for qualified candidates. In this blog, we will discuss the situations in which weight loss surgery is considered so you can determine whether you are a candidate.

Body Mass Index

One of the first things health professionals look at when it comes to weight loss surgery in Las Vegas is a person’s BMI, or body mass index. This is used to calculate a person’s level of obesity. Those who measure with a BMI of 35 or above and have certain weight-related medical conditions are often considered candidates for this procedure. Those with a BMI of 40 or higher, with or without medical conditions, can also become candidates. It’s important to remember each insurance company looks at these conditions differently. A patient must ensure the procedure is covered before continuing.

Medical Necessity

Being a candidate for weight loss surgery in Las Vegas depends on many factors but the most important is a person’s medical situation. If a person is overweight and suffering from severe medical issues related to their weight, most weight loss centers consider them a candidate, regardless of BMI. By taking in all determining factors, they can decide whether to recommend surgery or other types of treatments to help patients gain control over their health and weight-related situations.

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