Decoding The Details Of A Lip Lift Procedure Dallas, TX

Nov 26, 19 Decoding The Details Of A Lip Lift Procedure Dallas, TX

Most lip enhancement procedures target at making lips bigger using fillers. A small percentage of patients actually benefit from lifting the upper lip rather than making them fuller. A lip lift procedure Dallas improves your facial appearance in various ways. This piece digs into detail about the process.

What is it?

A lip lift procedure Dallas is an invasive and permanent procedure that increases the amount of lip color visible to the public eye, enhancing a youthful and full look. It is often done for its aesthetic results.

What does the procedure entail?

The surgical process takes less than an hour to complete. Due to its invasive nature, it’s performed under anesthesia. During the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will cut out a cup of tissue beneath your nose. He or she will then stitch up the wound right below the nose, following the line trimmed to epitomize a bullhorn.

Are you the right candidate for the procedure?

You are either a good candidate for the procedure if you are young and tired of heading back to the cosmetic clinic for lip fillers or if you are older and frustrated with the elongation of the lip skin. Only a cosmetic surgeon will examine your lips and determine if a lip lift procedure Dallas is the perfect procedure for you.

The lip scar will heal after about four weeks and take about a year for the scars to heal. If you are planning to have a lip lift, call us today. Our lead cosmetic surgeon will advise you best. Also subscribe to our Youtube channel.