The Welcome Offer of Urgent Care Services Provided by a Family Physician in Menifee, CA

Nov 22, 19 The Welcome Offer of Urgent Care Services Provided by a Family Physician in Menifee, CA

Medical clinics providing urgent care services are transforming the face of healthcare. Patients are seeking urgent care services more frequently than ever. It may seem astounding that the option of a walk-in clinic was once so rare. That left many people with only the choice of going to a hospital emergency room for a problem that was probably not life-threatening. Today, someone may see a Family Physician in Menifee CA for quick assistance without having to set an appointment.

Most patients prefer to see their own physician for nearly any health problem, but that often isn’t possible to do promptly. Doctors have busy schedules and may not be available for several days or even longer. The shortage of primary care doctors is increasing, with many medical students choosing to go into specialty practice instead.


A person who has just spent the weekend with a bad sore throat and a low-grade fever may recognize the signs of strep throat, having had this illness before. The most sensible step is to go to a Family Physician in Menifee CA who assists walk-in patients. At the clinic, this patient can receive a fast strep test and a prescription for antibiotics. A similar situation may arise for someone who woke up on Saturday morning with a bothersome earache. Being able to go to a medical clinic on the same day is helpful.

Clinic Hours

Clinics offering urgent care service usually have at least some open hours outside of normal business hours. That might be in the evening, very early in the morning, or on Saturdays. This expands the opportunities for full-time workers to get the care they need without having to take time away from their job.

Additional Details

Walk-in patients usually are in and out within 30 to 60 minutes. Their out-of-pocket cost is dramatically lower than if they would have gone to a hospital emergency room. Patients are reporting feeling more satisfied with their service at urgent care clinics than they have when they previously went to an ER. Regular appointments and walk-in service both are offered by a clinic such as Total Care Family Medical Center.