Signs of Tooth Infection Mean a Visit to the Dental Clinic in Kalamazoo MI

While not as common as cavities, tooth infections can wreak havoc on a person’s smile and cause them to lose their tooth. Infections, called abscesses, occur at the bottom of the root tip, deep in the gum tissue. These infections can cause severe pain, fever, and swelling. If the infection goes untreated, it could spread to other teeth and could eventually cause a full gum infection to occur. It is important people seek dental care from the Dental Clinic Kalamazoo MI as soon as they notice the signs of a tooth infection so their oral health can be protected.

The signs of tooth infections include:
* Tooth pain
* Fever
* Swelling in the jaw, neck, or cheeks
* Swollen, tender lymph nodes in the neck
* Foul breath or taste

To treat a tooth infection, the dentist will first need to examine the tooth, go over the symptoms the patient is having, and take X-rays. The X-rays can show how deep the infection runs so the dentist will know what needs to be done to treat it. Typically, the dentist will first drain the abscess by lancing it. It is crucial the pressure is removed from the tooth by releasing the pus and infection.

The tooth can then be treated with antibiotics. To treat an abscess, dentists will often place fine sticks of antibiotics down around the tooth. The dentist may also prescribe oral medication to ensure the infection is brought under complete control. In some cases, the dentist will also need to perform a root canal if the infection has entered through the root and is infecting the tooth.

A root canal can remove all of the diseased tooth tissue and may require the removal of the nerve to stop any residual pain from occurring. Though treatment may take a few days, the tooth can be healed of the infection and protected from being lost.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of a tooth infection, you need to call the Dental Clinic Kalamazoo MI. For more information on the dental services they offer, visit Website. They are a full-service dentist who can protect the health of your smile and keep it looking beautiful.