The Most Common Sports Injury to See a Pain Doctor in Houston For

Sports injuries can be serious, though most are never life threatening. These injuries usually have to be looked at by a medical professional to ensure that the proper care is taken. Through the care that a Sports Injury Pain Doctor in Houston provides, the person is able to get back on the playing field in no time. Here are some of the more common sports injuries that are usually cared for within the doctor’s office.


Sprains are one of the highest and most common injuries. They require minimal treatment, but they can become serious if they are not looked into as soon as possible. This tends to happen when the body is overexerted while on the playing field. This is a common problem for many sports players, and one they try to avoid, with stretching, before practices and games.


Strains are another problem that one may need to see Sports Injury Pain Doctor in Houston for. These happen a lot when the body stretches too far, and the ligaments in the body become stretched too far when they shouldn’t be. This can cause mild pain and discomfort in the player, and should be elevated and iced.


Breaks are a less common occurrence in players, but they do happen. These are more serious due to the bone not being together anymore. X-rays, a care plan and a cast or other fitting should be placed on the area to ensure that the bone is healing in the right place. In worse situations, the bone may have to be popped back into place to ensure that it is healed together, and doesn’t fuse in the wrong area. This can cause more discomfort, but pain killers may be prescribed to the player to minimize this. They will then need the cast on from 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on the break and how well it heals on its own.

Listening to the coach, fully stretching before and after you practice or play and knowing your limitations are all good ways to prevent any of these injuries from happening in the first place.

If you’re in need of a Sports Injury Pain Doctor in Houston due to an injury you’ve sustained on the playing field, do not wait. Speak with a professional regarding the problem so it doesn’t become a big problem in the long run. These injuries may take the player out of the game for a season, but they can resume playing when their injury has healed, and the pain has subsided.