Skin Radiation Effects and Treatments

People can experience an array of problems when they are fighting cancer with radiation treatments. The more side effects they have from the treatments, then the worse they feel. They can experience mouth problems, sores, difficulty swallowing, thick saliva, and other problems that cause them a lot of discomfort. If they have skin problems on top of all of the other side effects that can occur, then they may feel really frustrated or beaten. The goal is to keep them as comfortable as possible so that they will continue their fight to battle the disease. Treating the skin problems is much easier than treating the other side effects, because there are so many creams and things on the market that cater to people who are going through radiation therapy.

Buckle Up and Get Ready for the Long Haul

Skin cancer radiation treatments are dreaded by those who have to undergo them, because they know they are in for the ride of their lives in trying to fight to battle the horrific disease. Radiation treatments can last for a couple of months, and they are given to people daily on a five day treatment schedule in most cases. This means that these people will receive extraordinary high levels of radiation at any given time, and the treatments can cause them major health effects. Contrary to popular belief, radiation treatment patients aren’t the only ones who experience severe skin side effects of the treatment. Other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy also cause these debilitating conditions. Each person has a different genetic makeup as well, so how they respond to radiation treatments will have a lot to do with that as well. Some people can withstand much more than others can.

Get Relief Affordably With No Prescription Required

A couple of decades ago there weren’t very many products on the shelf that would help cancer patients alleviate symptoms of damaged skin caused by radiation therapy. As medical science has progressed, products have been developed over the last few years that greatly benefit these patients. Oncology departments gained the ability to prescribe creams, lotions and other elixirs to treat damaged skin that had been exposed to radiation. It was a real inconvenience to the patients to need a prescription for the medication. Prescription medication is often more costly, so changes were made as to how these people could receive the skin solutions that they desperately needed. Just over the last couple of years, the products have become available to cancer patients over the counter, to where they can pay much less for them. Over the counter products are usually cheaper, so this meant that more cancer patients could afford the creams that they badly needed.