Tips for Those Who Wear Contacts

When you first get contact lenses there are a few things to learn, even long time wearers often get things wrong. If you decide to go for contact lens in Williamson County TN one of the first things you will ask is “are they inside out?”

The trick here is put the contact lens on the tip of your finger so that the lens forms a cup. Bring your finger up level with your eyes and look at the lens, if the lens a rather “V” shape with the upper rim flared out, the lens is inside out. If the lens is correct it will form a “U” shape. If your lens is tinted place it on the tip of your finger and look straight down at it. The edge of a tinted lens should be very blue or green, all depending on the tint. If the lens is inside out the tint will not show. If you still manage to put your contact lens in Williamson County TN in wrong it won’t hurt, it will be uncomfortable telling you instantly that you goofed.

When you are applying your contacts make sure your hands are perfectly clean. When you wash your hands avoid any soap that contains lanolin, moisturizing cream, scent or oil. These additives can easily stick to the surface of the lens giving you discomfort. For those who wear contact lens in Williamson County TN it is suggested that you first shake the lens case with the solution so that the lens will dislodge if it for whatever reason stuck to the case. If you find the lens is stuck do not try to dislodge it by pulling, you may damage it, just continue shaking the solution and it will eventually dislodge.

Once the lens is free, slide it out of the case and rest it in the center of your palm. Rinse the lens thoroughly with the correct solution. Your contact lens in Williamson County TN should be placed on the tip of your finger, make sure your finger is clean and dry. Using the thumb and forefinger of the free hand, pull up on your upper lid and down on the lower eyelid. Continue to look forward or slightly up, place the lens on the white of your eye, the side nearest to your ear. Close your eye and roll it in a full circle and then blink to settle it in place.

When you want to remove your lens, once again make sure your hands are clean. If you are standing over a sink while removing the lens cover the drain first with a piece of paper toweling just in case you drop it. Look upwards and pull down the bottom lid, gently move the lens to the white of your eye where you can easily pinch the lens a bit with your thumb and forefinger, it will come out easily.