Talking To Your Partner About Couples Counselors In NYC

There are lots of couples that are struggling with a relationship that are secretly thinking that seeing couples counselors in NYC would be the answer to their marital problems. While marriage counselors can certainly help couples to overcome challenges in their relationship they cannot actually change a person; that is up to the individual.

Often in a relationship one person is feeling undervalued or unloved while the other person thinks that the relationship is ideal. There may also be relationships where one person is highly resistant to the idea of getting help while the other person desperately wants someone to assist and provide insight into solving the problems in the relationship.

Willing to Change

In any situation where you are seeking couples counselors in NYC the best outcome always occurs when both people are open and willing to attend counseling. When one person simply attends out of a sense of duty or “going through the motions” for the other person then counseling is unlikely to be helpful.

Experienced couples counselors in NYC are very aware of this dynamic and can help to address this issue and create a welcoming, open and productive environment for everyone involved. Talking to the partner about your willingness to change and to work together to create the life you envisioned is often a positive approach to addressing the idea of counseling.

Future Focused

Often in a relationship when one person suggests the idea of going to couples counselors in NYC the other person automatically feels they will be the “bad person”. They assume that the counseling sessions will be about listing all their imperfections and how they are a terrible spouse or partner.
For these people talking about the future focus on counseling and choosing from couples counselors in NYC that work on building skills and not on simply going back over past problems is essential. Allowing the hesitant individual to be involved in choosing from the couples counselors in NYC you are considering can also be very helpful in giving them the comfort they need to go.

Finally, look for couples counselors that provide a range of different approaches for couples. Some therapists and counselors use a very holistic approach and consider the couple carefully when choosing an approach while others use only one specific therapeutic discipline.