The Importance of Dealing With a Sports Injury in New Waverly, TX Promptly

Sports injuries encompass a wide range of aches and pains that result from participating in various types of sporting events. When a Sports Injury in New Waverly TX takes place, it is important to treat the condition immediately. Doing so will help to reduce the potential of greater problems emerging later. Here are some examples.


One of the more common examples of a Sports Injury in New Waverly TX, is an ankle sprain. Rather than simply wrapping the ankle to provide support, it pays to begin taking steps to manage the swelling and inflammation immediately. Elevating the foot and including support for the ankle is the first step. From there, the application of cold will help to control the swelling. Finally, a doctor should examine the ankle to make sure that the damage is to the tendons only, and that no separation of the bones in the lower leg have occurred. From there, carefully monitored exercises to help keep the ankle limber will actually expedite, rather than inhibit, healing.

Hamstring Pulls

Found along the back of the thigh, hamstrings can be pulled due to kicking, jumping, and similar activities that place a lot of stress on the upper thighs. Along with using cold and then later heat to help reduce swelling and inflammation, the individual will also need to limit activities while the muscles heal. This can be difficult, since even tasks like walking at a normal pace will exert some pressure on the hamstring. After the swelling has gone, many therapists will recommend soaking in a hot tub to help reduce tension and promote healing.

Tennis Elbow

This type of condition occurs due to the constant back and forth movement that occurs with tennis and golf swings. Tennis elbow involves small rips in the tendons around the elbow. Applying cold to soothe the area and then providing some sort of support in the form of a bandage will help with the healing. In the interim, it also pays to take it easy and save working on the swing for a later date.

For more information on sports injuries and how to care for them, Click here to get expert advice. Remember that taking action promptly will help minimize the chances of long term ill effects from the injury, and make it easier to get back into the game sooner rather than later.