Tests Performed During Eye Exams in Laurel MS

Starting at the early age of six months old, it is recommended that individuals have their eyes routinely examined. In addition to checking for seeing difficulties, these regular checkups play a crucial role in catching early signs of serious eye diseases. It is highly recommended that individuals see an eye doctor prior to experiencing symptoms, however, if a person has found themselves dealing with common complications of the eye they are still able, and encouraged, to seek professional care. Through the care and treatment of an ophthalmologist, patients are able to feel confident that they are taking the precautionary steps needed for optimal eye health.

Eye Exams in Laurel MS are able to detect a wide range of eye diseases, some of which include:

  • •   Glaucoma
  • •   Cataracts
  • •   Diabetic retinopathy
  • •   Age related macular degeneration, which is also known as AMD
  • •   Eye muscle movement test – This test is done to ensure that the eyes are properly aligned
  • •   Cover test – This test checks to see how well a person’s eyes work together
  • •   Pupillary reactions and external exam – During this test the doctor will see if the pupils are reacting properly to light and check the look of the eye itself
  • •   Visual acuity test – This test is performed to determine how well a person sees. The most known method is by reading a chart with different sized letters