How To Get a Classy At Home Spray Tan

It is no longer fashionable, nor healthy, to rely on the sun for a tan. The risk for skin cancer is too high. Yet, this does not mean you have to abandon that tanned look. Whether you want to have a glowing or bronze tan for a special event or for the entire year, you can obtain it. It also does not necessitate lying in a tanning bed for stretches of time. You can achieve you want using an at home spray tan.

In fact, an at home spray tan is quickly becoming a popular way of accomplishing your goal of the ideal tanned look. By purchasing the ideal product, you can have the perfect tan whenever you want it. You must, however, be careful to select the right product. Check in your local stores, talk to people who use at home tanning products and go online to ensure you are buying a product that is suitable for your purposes. After all, not all tanning products, at home and in salons, are created equal.

At Home Spray Tan
When looking for an at home spray tan product online or in a retail store, be sure you know what they contain. Read the ingredient list thoroughly. Be certain the tanning spray contains the most significant ingredient – DHA. This must be the main ingredient. Other ingredients you may want to see on the list are:

• Moisturizers
• Botanicals
• Temporary dye – often included to help speed up the process

For some of the best quality ingredients, ascertain that they are organic. You should also investigate the rating of such products by reading their reviews online.

Follow Instructions
It does not matter if the product is of high quality if you cannot follow instructions. If you want a successful at home spray tan, you need to read and follow the instructions. Be certain you understand that:

• You are to avoid breathing in the spray
• Do not allow it to enter your mouth, eyes or nose
• Be sure to apply the tan spray evenly using smooth strokes – Since it is difficult to do this for your back and other parts of your anatomy, you might want to share it with a good friend or your partner

Having a successful at home spray tan is possible these days. It is important, however, that you choose the product carefully. Consider those offered by Spray Tan Hollywood. They will help you achieve the best results possible.