The Importance Of Having Your Dog Vaccinated

Canine vaccinations are important, they can prevent your dog from contacting diseases which can be serious; such diseases include distemper, hepatitis, and rabies. When you take your dog to your veterinarian in Chicago for regular vaccinations and boosters you protect the health of your pet as well as yourself and other family members.

Annual vaccinations have been the rule of thumb for years but current studies seem to indicate that some vaccinations may have a longer effective period than has been thought. As canine vaccinations become better customized to suit the dog in question it is fast becoming common for a veterinarian in Chicago to suggest a frequency that is tailored to your particular dog rather than the species in general.

No two dogs are alike; as a result, vets are beginning to understand better that the immunization schedule needs to be tailored to each dog based on needs and risks. The vet considers such things as the breed, age, health and the environment in which t lives and travel habits.

Vaccination basics:

There are two types of vaccinations that you should see that your dog receives; core and non-core

  • Core vaccinations: These vaccinations are essential for all dogs, these are vaccinations against diseases which are easily transmitted and are often fatal. Diseases such as rabies, distemper are included amongst them.
  • Non-core vaccinations: These are vaccinations that are more dependent on your dog’s lifestyle and the environment in which it lives. Your veterinarian in Chicago can provide input as to whether your dog should be vaccinated against a kennel cough, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis.

When you first get your puppy there is a standard schedule of vaccinations that must be met up until the age of one year. After this, certain booster vaccinations may be required; your veterinarian will make specific recommendations.

Your dog needs to be vaccinated. For complete information on what vaccinations your pet needs and when he or she needs them, you are invited to contact Village West Veterinary.