Tips on Selecting the Safest Sunscreen

Apart from giving you that all-too-easy-to-remember scent of the beach, sunscreen is meant to do several things. It helps to keep this in mind when looking to select a truly safe sunscreen lotion. A good choice will:

  • Prevent the sun’s UV radiation from reaching your skin (UVA and UVB) which cause the skin to age prematurely and put you at risk for skin cancer
  • Improve moisture levels in the skin by featuring beneficial ingredients that can protect from sun damage while also locking in moisture
  • Prevent discoloration of the skin that is often a direct result of sun exposure

And while many say that sunscreen is also a suntan lotion, it is not. Truly safe sunscreen lotion is going to be designed to do those things listed above. When a product is touted as an agent to offer “safe” tanning, it is not entirely accurate. There is no such thing as safe exposure to UV rays that cause the skin to react. This is why most lotions feature SPF or sun protection factor. The higher the number, the better the protection.

SPF is what blocks the UVB rays and when you are using a higher SPF, such as SPF 50, it can keep out almost 99 percent of the rays. Yet for a product to be a truly safe sunscreen lotion, it has to be made with safe ingredients that can remain safe even if you make multiple applications throughout a day.

As the experts at tell us, “First, no sunscreen, regardless of strength, should be expected to stay effective longer than two hours without reapplication. Second, ‘reddening’ of the skin is a reaction to UVB rays alone and tells you little about what UVA damage you may be getting. Plenty of damage can be done without the red flag of sunburn being raised.”

Essentially, everyone needs to find and use a safe sunscreen lotion that is free of potentially harmful agents and also does not harm our environment. Many lotions are made with ingredients that can harm sea and marine life, and that competition can make it very challenging to get your hands on an effective but safe sunscreen lotion.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Tropical Seas have taken great steps towards the ideal solution of truly Reef Safe sunscreen that is safe for your skin. They have a line of safe sunscreen products that do no damage to coral, sea life or marine life in freshwater. The products also feature high SPF levels, water and sweat resistance, no fragrances and some of the broadest protection on the market. Tropical Seas offers all of these great features without the harmful ingredients that can cause everything from hormonal issues to allergies. Now that’s a totally safe sunscreen!