What Can You Get from a Professional Korean Body Scrub and Massage?

Aug 01, 18 What Can You Get from a Professional Korean Body Scrub and Massage?

Investing in a professional Korean body scrub and massage is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Giving your body the treat it deserves is the key to obtaining better happiness and overall well-being. At Grand Spa LA, we are the premier resource for an unforgettable scrub and massage. By taking advantage of our 24-hour services, you can experience a revolutionary treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ten years younger!

Bath and Scrub

First, you’ll enjoy soaking in a warm bath or a hot sauna. The herbal-infused waters will loosen up your pores, soothe your skin, and calm your body all throughout. This is the first step to ultimate relaxation, and you’ll start feeling the effects of it right away.

The Scrub

After you have thoroughly soaked, you will make your way to one of our comfortable massage tables, which has been adjusted to fit your personal needs. When you lie on the table, you won’t want to move ever again! Our professional spa staff members will use coarse mitts to scrub all over your body, working deeply to get rid of dead skin and other blemishes. Our friendly staff members won’t stop until your entire body has been scrubbed and relieved of dead skin.

Additional Features

Our spa services often also include a hair wash, a milk rinse, and a cucumber mask. Guests love the milk rinse as it adds more vitamins and minerals to the skin, enriching your vitals and giving you the nutrients you really deserve. The cucumber mask will open your pores and leave your face feeling as smooth as a baby’s.


After the scrub is complete, we will invest time into giving you an unforgettable massage. There are several health benefits to the massage, which include:

* Relieving you of toxins in the body
* Stimulating circulation and improving blood flow
* Tightening and smoothing the skin
* Boosts your lymphatic system to encourage the production of white blood cells
* Gives you a peaceful and relaxed mind

Nothing will make you feel more relaxed and refreshed than our specialized Korean spa and scrub services. Visit us today to see how you can benefit from this healthy excursion as soon as this weekend!

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