What Post-Op Patients Can Expect From Ankle Surgeons in Racine, Wisconsin

Aug 01, 18 What Post-Op Patients Can Expect From Ankle Surgeons in Racine, Wisconsin

Ankle surgery becomes a necessity when injuries or diseases cause the joint to become too weak to use. It is not always a severe break that leads to this type of situation. Repeated incidents of sprained ankles and torn ligaments could be the cause. All ankle procedures are unique to the patient because of their health, the severity of the problem and their lifestyle. However, much of the aftercare is the same for most patients.

Plan for Surgery

After surgery, all patients should have comfortable, loose clothing that will fit over a cast, splint or bandage. Ankle Surgeons in Racine WI can sometimes complete all their work on an outpatient basis, but many patients will need to spend a day or two in the hospital for observation and pain control. People will usually need some training with their crutches and all should have a driver to take them home due to the surgery and the effects of their medication.

Rest at Home

Elevation of the leg to prevent swelling is necessary for the first few days. Do not apply pressure to the foot during this time. Mobility will be difficult for a couple of months, so move the bedroom to the ground floor, if possible and have help with running errands and doing some household chores.

Return as Needed

Ankle Surgeons in Racine WI want to see their patient during the recovery to make certain the surgery was a success and healing is taking place at the correct rate of speed. Removal of the stitches, x-rays, cast replacements and many other steps could occur over the following few weeks.

Keep it Safe

The year following the surgery could include physical therapy, exercise, and weight-management to prevent re-injury and to help any continued healing. The doctor will discuss proper footwear, safe activities and any other tips that could improve the stability of the ankle and help to speed up the healing process.

There are solutions for ankle weakness or pain that prevents people from living the lifestyle they want. Schedule an appointment for a complete exam to find the cause of the problem and to learn more about the options available. Call today for a more comfortable, active life.