What Happens At An Addiction Clinic In Shelby County, AL?

Jul 10, 19 What Happens At An Addiction Clinic In Shelby County, AL?

In Alabama, individuals who are fighting addiction need professional help to recover. The addictions are caused by trauma or difficult life events in most cases. The rehabilitation programs provide help from a licensed counselor who understands addiction and the most effective methods of treating patients. A local addiction clinic in Shelby County AL provides programs for all addictions.

The Detox Process

The detox process involves removing all the controlled substances from the body. It is recommended that the patient enters into inpatient treatment for detoxification. As the substances are removed, there is a high risk of severe dehydration due to excessive sweating. The symptoms of detox could generate life-threatening effects that are fatal if they aren’t monitored professionally.

Individual Counseling Services

Each patient receives individual counseling services with their assigned doctor. The sessions help the patient uncover what trauma led them to their addiction. The counseling helps the patients learn new coping mechanisms that prevent them from using after they leave rehab.

Creating a Support System

The patients need a support system before they are discharged for the rehabilitation center. The family steps up to provide support outside of the clinic. The doctor recommends either narcotics or alcoholics anonymous for the patient. A sponsor is available through the programs, and the patient starts the necessary twelve steps of staying clean and sober.

Family Counseling Services

Family counseling helps the patients, too. The patients rebuild their relationships and identify the source of negative feelings. The counseling sessions allow the patient and their family to discuss problems that have strained their relationships. They also determine what changes are needed for maintaining relationships. The sessions give them a safe space to talk without hostilities and threatening the patient’s sobriety and successful recovery.

In Alabama, individuals fighting addiction need professional help to recover successfully. The programs outline better ways to cope with traumatic events and find better ways to avoid substance abuse. Family and loved ones attend family counseling through rehabilitation clinics. The counselors help patients with each step and their commitment to recovery. Patients who need more information about a local addiction clinic in Shelby County, AL are encouraged to visit Kolbeclinic.com right now.