What Is Life Like for Residents Who Live in a Senior Facility?

Jul 15, 19 What Is Life Like for Residents Who Live in a Senior Facility?

When someone you love has to make the move to a senior living facility, you might have a few questions as to the type of care that will be received and what the person can expect. Most facilities offer the same services, including meals, activities, and transportation to appointments. There are a few things that you want to look for when you visit your loved one or before making a decision about one of the senior living facilities in Melbourne, FL.

Seeing the Difference

An important difference between a nursing home and a senior living facility is that residents in a senior facility can often provide most of their own personal care. There are still medical workers and staff in the facility who can ensure that medications are taken when needed and to provide other types of assistance that residents might need. However, residents usually don’t require the skilled care provided in a nursing home, making the environment feel more like home.

Staying Focused

A goal of senior living facilities in Melbourne, FL, is to try to keep residents as active and social as possible. You can often enter the facility and see residents gathered outside or inside the living room area talking to each other. There are daily activities that residents can enjoy, religious services, holiday celebrations, and outings for groups in the facility. Meals are usually served in a dining room so that everyone can eat together. However, residents don’t have to join others in the facility if they don’t want to participate.

Living Like Home

For the most part, residents in senior facilities aren’t held to a strict schedule. Workers do try to maintain a schedule for when the front doors are opened and closed to visitors in order to keep residents safe. Your loved one is encouraged to perform bathing and grooming each day and to enjoy life as they would at home.

If you’re concerned about any of the events that take part in the facility where your loved one lives, consider viewing the services that are provided at our company by contacting or visiting the website.