Why Consider Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction?

Nov 17, 17 Why Consider Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction?

Drug addictions are often easily started but can be incredibly difficult to break, especially if you become involved with a hardcore drug like an opiate. In the past, individuals often had to be institutionalized and go through extensive withdrawal symptoms in order to get the results they were looking for to live a drug-free life. Today, ibogaine treatment for addiction can be an excellent alternative to help get rid of the cravings and resume a healthier lifestyle.

An Effective Method

The use of ibogaine treatment for addiction works differently than many of the past methods for treating an addiction. Instead of masking or allowing individuals to suffer through the withdrawal symptoms that are typically part of overcoming an addiction, you enter a hallucinogenic state where you will deeply contemplate why you are taking the drugs and what they are doing to your body. This level of deep thinking can alter the way you see these drugs and ultimately help you get through the withdrawal period with no recollection of suffering the negative effects.

A Long-Acting Solution

A single dose of ibogaine goes a long way toward helping an individual overcome their opiate addiction. When using other medications for the detox period, multiple doses will be required, often over long periods of time. One dose of the ibogaine will last approximately two to five days, allowing patients to get off the drug that has a hold on them and begin to live a cleaner lifestyle. There’s no need to continue taking the drug into the recovery period, reducing the risk of trading one addiction for another.

Ibogaine treatment for addiction can be an effective way to overcome an addiction to opiates with little risk of becoming addicted to something else in the process. With the help of this drug, patients are able to think deeply about why they have fallen into this behavior and find a way out with the help of experienced medical professionals.

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