Why Get A Facelift In Chicago And The Various Types Available

A facelift in Chicago may be the best option, especially if you want to look younger. However, before making the decision to have one, it may be important to learn about the different types that are available to you and to find out why others prefer to get them.


The three main facelifts available include the standard, mini and short-scar versions. The full version is typically suggested when there is a loss of muscle, there are deep creases or wrinkles, you have a tired appearance or have a sagging neck. This type of procedure will tighten the muscles and tissues in the neck and face, remove excess skin and will reposition or “lift” the skin. This is a minimally invasive procedure and will have a few incisions around the hairline, earlobe and around the ear.

The mini version can help with a tired face, muscle tone or skin elasticity problems and will tighten and lift the skin without working on the neck. This option is very helpful for removing very small signs of aging. The incisions will be shorter and will provide a shorter recovery time.

The short-scar procedure is considered a mini facelift in Chicago and will help the face with jowling and skin laxity. This type of procedure lifts the face vertically, rather than the traditional backward lift. There will likely be fewer scars and isn’t as invasive as the other procedures.


There are five main reasons to consider a facelift. The first is when you have a loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone, both in the neck and the face. As you age, your skin loses elasticity, meaning it hangs down and looks loose.

Another reason is when there are jowls or deep creases around your mouth and nose. In some cases, the jowls are so problematic, they can cause problems with breathing. Whether or not you are having physical problems, you may want to reduce the look of those problems.

For those with a tired appearance or deep wrinkles in the face and neck, a facelift may be the best option. While many people would prefer a less-invasive technique, such as Botox deep wrinkles and a general tired look will not be fixed with the injections and will require a stronger treatment.

A facelift in Chicago is a great way to reduce the looks of aging and reduce the tired appearance you may see in the mirror. The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers these and many other procedures, so call them today.