IACET, ANSI And The Standards For Mental Health CEU.

Apr 18, 14 IACET, ANSI And The Standards For Mental Health CEU.

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As in any medical field, the field of mental health requires its professionals to pursue further training once they have their basic degree. These professionals must attend seminars, take classes, and pursue advanced degrees in order to maintain a competitive edge and keep their certifications in many states. However, in order to obtain the right credit for the courses a mental health CEU (continuing education unit) must meet certain standards. Establishing the Standards Schools do not set their own benchmark for a mental health CEU or for any other professional CEU. The criterion is governed by an international body and enforced by a local one. These two organizations are the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). IACET began to set guidelines for education and training in 1968. In the following years, IACET began to institute a system of regulating CEU programs. This included drawing up specific standards and creating criteria and guidelines for institutions to apply to their XEU programs. In 1991, the organization established the Authorized Provider program. It officially recognizes specific organizations who meet and even exceeds the set elements of the ANSI/IACET Standard. The Role of the American National Standards Institute In the United States, the official body to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Since 1947, the ISO has provided a united front for organizations of standard setting bodies worldwide. Through their actions concerning CEUs, the ANSI helps to make certain individuals who use need the proper education receive it. What Does IACET Do? IACET’s role is to make sure organizations and individuals are aware of the existing standards. IACET also helps organizations, who want to be accredited for their mental health CEU programs and other forms of training, instruct and oversee CEU programs. IACET works diligently to ensure the CEUs are able to meet the necessary requirements for professionals. If successful, the school will receive an approved provider (AP) status. Mental Health CEU...

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Different types of corporate wellness programs are available

Corporate wellness programs are designed to create happier and healthier employees, these various programs are considered to be an important part of increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism and cutting down on the cost of employee health care. It is felt that when employees are stress free and at the peak of health that the quality of work increases. Corporate wellness programs come in many guises; they include in-house fitness centers as well as wellness education. Perhaps the most common corporate wellness programs are those which are conducted through the auspices of the human resources department. All employees are urged to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle both in the workplace and the home. Managers are supportive of and encourage their staff to engage in sports and other outdoor leisure activities, the people who are responsible for the programs often provide the employees with healthy options for food and beverages by taking out the vending machines that dispense candy and sugar laced soft drinks and replace them with spring water dispensers and healthier snack choices. There are many cases where the job is extremely stressful and as a result high turnover has a negative effect on productivity. These companies will often sponsor employee’s assistance programs which offer no-cost counseling and support services. These services can be telephone counseling, anger management as well as stress reduction such as massage therapy and if found to be necessary; drug and alcohol rehab clinics. These assistance programs work well as it has been found that employees with problems would rather turn to a counselor than their manager. Supplemental health coverage is often offered to employees, this cover includes wellness plans such as access to alternative medicine, chiropractic care, weight loss programs and nutrition programs. These and other similar programs are rarely covered under the basic employee health plans but they are available and they are quite inexpensive and can easy be provided by the employer. On the job fitness centers are gaining in popularity as are free memberships to local...

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Types of Fillings Done by Dentists in Kohala

Apr 07, 14 Types of Fillings Done by Dentists in Kohala

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When a person has a cavity, they will need to have a filling. There are two common types of fillings that dentists uses. One is the traditional silver amalgam filling, which can be quite costly, depending on the current price of silver. The other option is a white filling, which makes the restored tooth look natural, rather than having silver showing. These white fillings are very popular for those who need work done on their front teeth. The disadvantages are that they are more expensive, and take longer to do, so patients are in dental chairs for a lot longer than they would like. Browse website for more information. There are many advantages to having white fillings done by dentists in Kohala. For instance, they bond directly to the teeth, so they can restore teeth to nearly their original strength. They don’t weaken teeth like silver fillings do, and the look natural. Often, with silver fillings, teeth are extremely sensitive to hot and cold. When white fillings are used, teeth are much less sensitive. Many people don’t like silver fillings because they contain mercury. This is not the case with white composite fillings. Another advantage to white fillings is that they require less removal of the tooth than silver fillings. Even though white composite fillings are extremely popular, there are some advantages to having silver fillings done instead. For instance, they are much less expensive. This is because the silver used is cheaper than the materials needed to create white fillings. Often, insurance companies will only cover silver fillings, because they are less expensive. Silver fillings also take a lot less time to do. If people are having back teeth filled, it is not necessary that these teeth look natural, because no one can see them in the first place. This is another good reason to opt for the less expensive silver fillings from dentists in Kohala. Those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage on a daily basis is best off with silver fillings. This...

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Train to Work in Beauty Salons in Hays

Apr 03, 14 Train to Work in Beauty Salons in Hays

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There are jobs that people don’t like but must do in order to make ends meet, and then there are careers that are fun and rewarding. For thousands of people in the United States, one of these careers is hairdressing. This is a job that allows people to have constant interaction with others, do something that they are passionate about, and lets their creativity shine through. In order to have a career in hairdressing, one must have the proper training, which they can get at a cosmetology school. Here, they can study hairdressing, as well as nail care and esthetics. Upon graduation, they are prepared to work in salons in a variety of capacities. In order to become a hairdresser, students must have a total of 1,500 training hours. Once they graduate from Hays Academy of Hair Design, they can work in beauty salons in Hays, KS. They are trained in a number of skills, including male and female haircuts, hair design and current trends, hair color, skin care, nail care, communication skills, and even business understanding. There is a lot more to beauty school than simply learning how to cut hair. This is a career path that requires dedication, a lot of creativity, and most of all, a passion for helping others look and feel their best. Graduates of Hays are required to have completed the full 1,500 hours of training. This is easy to do in the twelve month program offered. They are also required to have a minimum grade of 80%, and a minimum grade of 75% on final examinations, both written and practical. As students are learning, they are also working, providing hair care and other services to actual customers. Services offered by students include haircuts, styling, perms, colors, nail care, skin care, and waxing. No one is ever too old to change their career path, and cosmetology school is open to students who want to do something different. Both young and old can enjoy a variety of careers in...

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Treatments for Acne Scarring in Minneapolis, MN

Having bad skin can really affect your self esteem. Your skin is one of the first things others notice about you and it can cause you to be embarrassed and feel not so attractive if you suffer from acne. It is especially upsetting when you have tried every over the counter acne medicine that is offered on the market and still suffer from breakouts. While others seem to have perfect skin, you are in a constant battle trying to fix your skin. Dealing with acne is bad enough but the aftermath is also difficult. Acne can leave you with unwanted scars that makeup cannot hide. After handling breakouts for years, you then have to look at the scars left behind. If you are tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see, then you should try treatments at Academic Dermatology Cutaneous Surgery and Laser Center in MN. They can help men and women who have Acne Scarring in Minneapolis. There are specific medical services set up by a Dermatologist at Academic Dermatology that fit your individual needs. Acne can be treated at different stages. If you contact a Dermatologist as soon as you start experiencing skin problems, you may be able to stop the breakouts or minimize them with the use of prescribed pills. Make sure to read all directions carefully as most medicines used to treat acne can have side effects. If you suffer from severe acne, your treatment may be more intense. A Dermatologist may suggest you take a stronger dosage or stay on the medicine for a longer period of time. For those who are able to achieve positive results, no other steps may need to be taken. However, if you end up as a client at Academic Dermatology who has Minneapolis Acne Treatment there are laser treatments available that can help smooth out your skin and make your scars less noticeable. You can get the help you deserve and no longer suffer from Acne Scarring in Minneapolis,...

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