What to Expect with CoolSculpting in Chevy Chase, MD

CoolSculpting in Chevy Chase MD is a great way to remove stubborn fat from portions of the body. No matter how much a person diets or how often they exercise, there are times when they simply cannot take off undesired weight in certain areas. This may include the stomach and inner thighs. If you have been struggling to accomplish this goal, it’s time to see about treatment options, with CoolSculpting being the right choice for many. What should patients expect when they undergo this treatment? The First Visit Before any work is done, a patient must sit down with a trained technician to discuss his or her goals regarding the procedure. Doing so helps to ensure the patient has selected the right treatment based on their unique objectives. At this visit, the entire body is examined from some angles to determine where the unwanted fat is to be eliminated. The Areas to Be Treated Technicians trained in CoolSculpting create a treatment plan for each patient they see. No two bodies are alike, so this step is extremely important. Furthermore, based on the preferred results, the technician must determine which applicators are to be used. Ask the technician if the facility has multiple systems that will allow different areas of the body to be treated in the same visit. The Day of the Procedure When the patient arrives for his or her procedure, a gel pad and applicator will be used on the areas to be treated. Once they are in place, the technician directs controlled cooling to the treatment areas. The cold sensation can be intense at first but typically eases up after five to ten minutes. Also, a patient may feel a tugging or pulling sensation in the areas being treated. While this is taking place, the patient may choose to read a book, take a short nap, or get some work done. The Recovery Process As CoolSculpting in Chevy Chase MD is completely noninvasive, patients often find they can return to work...

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Sidestep These 4 Mistakes When You Book a Shiatsu Massage

Aug 21, 18 Sidestep These 4 Mistakes When You Book a Shiatsu Massage

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A shiatsu massage is based on holistic Chinese medicinal practices aimed at fixing imbalances in the energy flow of a person’s body, Health and Fitness Travel says. Often called a finger pressing massage, it can be a used to ease pain and discomfort, reduce stress, and improve your circulation. If you’re thinking about getting a shiatsu massage in Reseda, here are a couple of mistakes you’ll want to avoid before you pick a spa. Not doing any research If this is your first time to try out a salon, don’t do it unless you’ve done your research. How long has the spa been in business? Do they seem professional? Can you swing by for a consultation or appointment? These are a few things you’ll want to figure out before you pick a spa for your shiatsu massage in Reseda. Not saying you’re injured If you’re hurt anywhere, don’t expect your therapist to know. A therapist isn’t a mind reader. If you’re counting on the fact that there’s a bandage over the affected area or part, that’s not going to be enough. To avoid any problems, communicate with your therapist. Let him/her know if you’ve got injuries or you’re hurt. That way, your therapist will know enough to avoid those areas. Not asking questions If you’re trying out a new type of massage, it may be a good idea to ask the staff about it first. Don’t pick one at random or simply because you like the name. If you want to make sure you don’t end up wasting your hours at the spa, ask about the treatment options in detail. That should help you figure out which one is right for you. Not preparing If you already have an appointment, then you know enough not to go for a big meal before the appointment. If you don’t, that could make the treatment uncomfortable for you in many...

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4 Reasons to Go Ahead With That Hot Oil Massage

Aug 21, 18 4 Reasons to Go Ahead With That Hot Oil Massage

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If you’re thinking about whether or not you should go ahead with that hot oil massage in San Diego, here are a few good reasons why you should. You’ve got dry skin A hot oil massage doesn’t just promote relaxation and wellbeing. It can also help you moisturize your dry skin. If you keep forgetting to drink lots of water or put on lotion to moisturize your skin, then go to more massage sessions. That’s going to help. You have trouble sleeping A hot oil massage in San Diego can leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed. If you have someone to take you home or you could call for a cab, then that massage can help put you in the mood to sleep. Hopefully, you don’t have to travel far to get to your front door. That way, when you step inside, you’ll be ready to go to bed. You love being pampered If you like the feeling of being pampered, of having a massage therapist with skilled hands work on you, then book a massage. If you have a demanding job or you’ve been stressed the entire week, this is an excellent way to give yourself a treat. Enjoy it. You trust the therapist It’s essential that you pick a spa you can trust. Don’t agree to any treatment if you think you can’t trust the therapist, Wellness Geeky says. Find someone you’re comfortable with. That’s a good place to start. If the staff are noisy, unprofessional, and seem to be rushing through the session, put a stop to it and walk away. That or call them out on the behavior, so they know something’s wrong. Give them a chance to fix it. If you decide to finish out the session, leave feedback for the company and other customers online about your experience, so others know what to...

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5 Great Reasons to Take Your Vitamins

Aug 20, 18 5 Great Reasons to Take Your Vitamins

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Wondering if you need vitamins and supplements? Here are a few of the reasons today’s healthiest athletes, models, celebrities and everyday people are taking their vitamins – and living better lives because of it! Heaps of Heart Health Heart health is fundamental to overall health. There are many supplements available today that focus on heart health and keeping your body’s motor running smoother and stronger. Look for those with beneficial oils to help you feel better and maybe even live longer! Come to Your (Stronger) Senses Did you know that vitamins can improve eyesight? It’s true! Your senses can be sharper when you get the vitamins you need. Balance your diet with proper nutrition and add vitamins and supplements wherever needed to get the levels you need every day. Looking and Feeling Better Your hair, skin, fingernails, and teeth can all benefits from better nutrition through increased vitamin and mineral intake. Look for vitamins that focus on building and strengthening these assets to look and feel your best every day. Fewer Illnesses and Injuries Bodies full of good stuff – the nutrients you need to be healthy and strong – are less likely to become sick and injured. Stronger bones, better immunity – all of it comes from proper nutrition and vitamin levels. Supplements can help you achieve that. Aging Gracefully It’s no secret that aging naturally depletes some of the body’s important nutrients. This can lead to looking and feeling older, faster. To fight that, take vitamins that are targeted at older individuals and are created to strengthen your body from the inside out. Looking for vitamins and supplements near Draper? Drop into your local health food and supplement store and see what’s available; you’ll never know just how perfect a supplement may be for you until you give it a...

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How You and Your Partner Can Make a Change with Expert Couples Therapists in Aventura, FL

Are you and your partner finding things such as communication and understanding of one another’s needs becoming more and more difficult? After a certain amount of time, couples can sometimes find themselves growing more and more distant, rather than closer and closer together like they had hoped they would be. Luckily, this isn’t an issue that the two of you will need to work through completely on your own. By working with high-quality couples therapists, they can help you start to feel for one another as you did years and years ago when you were first together. Get your passion back by working with trained and qualified experts today. Here are a few ways you and your quality team can start working through your issues and get each other back to where you should be as a couple today. Better Communication Skills The most common and destructive problem that most couples will face are issues with communication. All too often couples are unable to give their partners what they need because one or both aren’t able to express those needs accurately or clearly. By working with trained couples therapists, you’ll be able to learn where your communication shortcomings may be and how you can better express your concerns and needs without getting angry or starting confrontations. Click here to learn how you can start working with a professional team and get yourself back on the same page as your partner today. Working through Past Issues When you visit quality couples therapists in Aventura, FL, quite often you’ll find yourself revisiting past issues that you may have felt were resolved, but that your partner did not. It’s very common that current issues between partners stem from past problems that were never fully resolved and that have been festering and growing into awful resentments that just can’t be let go of. Professionals will be able to help pinpoint these issues and get to the core of the problem quickly and efficiently so that you can get...

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