Frequently Asked Questions About Heartworms In Dogs And Treatment At An Animal Clinic In Lenexa KS

If your dog has heartworms, this condition can become fatal for your pet. An Animal clinic Lenexa KS veterinarian can test your dog for heartworms and prescribe a treatment plan for your pet. Below are frequently asked questions about heartworms in dogs.

Q.) Why are heartworms fatal for dogs?

A.) These worms can live for up to seven years in the lungs, heart and blood vessels of dogs. They can reach one foot in length and hundreds of worms can infect your dog at one time. These worms damage the organs, so it’s essential that your dog begin treatment as soon as the worms are discovered.

Q.) Do heartworms spread from one dog to another?

A.) The only way that a dog can get heartworms is through a mosquito bite. Heartworm eggs reside in the bloodstream of an infected animal. When this animal is bitten by a mosquito, the eggs are transferred to the mosquito. If the mosquito bites another animal, this newly bitten animal becomes infected with the heartworms.

Q.) What types of signs should I look for in my dog that signals heartworms?

A.) Since the worms live in the lungs, your dog may develop a frequent cough. Your dog may also lose weight, become inactive, refuse to eat and act lethargic. A sign of advanced heartworm disease is a large stomach due to fluid buildup and the presence of heart disease. Click here for more details.

Q.) How will a veterinarian treat my dog for heartworms?

A.) An Animal clinic Lenexa KS veterinarian will take blood from your dog and test the blood for a specific protein that’s found in an adult heartworm. If your dog has positive results, your veterinarian can give your dog a prescription medication. While your dog is on the medication, your vet will want to closely monitor the progress of your dog. The only way to ensure that your dog will not get heartworms is to have your veterinarian give your dog a preventative heartworm medication.

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