Putting the right stuff in

We are an amazing piece of machinery. The complexity of the human body has both challenged and amazed scientists and doctors for centuries

In the last one hundred years, we have found out more about how the human body, works than we have in all the previous centuries, especially, in the last twenty years.

One of the biggest areas that we have learned about is nutrition and supplements. An area, that a mere twenty years ago, was only preserved for the rich and famous.

Why are they important?
Would you believe that there are more than 20,000 edible plants? The average person will only ever taste about two hundred of them. That means that there are 19,800 which could have really big benefits to us that we just won’t get to try.

Not all are indigenous to your area.
Many plants are getting rare as the rainforests are disappearing and the price of their raw product begins to soar. With many of them, scientists and farmers have found ways either to grow the crop commercially (as with most herbs) or to synthesize the taste and effect. Some spices are actually more expensive per ounce than gold. (Saffron) synthesizing is one answer to the problem of expense.

Some are bitter tasting
Bitterness was a natural defense in bygone centuries, but science has discovered that many of the bitter tasting plants actually have ingredients that are good for us. They are often extracted, and put into a the form of supplements that we can take.

Not all vitamins can be stored.
There are some vitamins that our bodies need daily that it cannot store! Vitamin C is a good example of this. The body needs it every day, but it cannot store it. If you are not a fruit lover then a nutritional supplement is the best choice here

Every gardener will tell you that natural are best, but it is not always practical and a nutritional supplement may be a better choice.