The aid that we call Hospitals

May 05, 12 The aid that we call Hospitals

From the tiny one bed hospital in the jungles of a third world country to the huge mini cities that we can find in most of the mega cities of this world, all hospitals serve one purpose and that is to get their patients well again!

One of the dilemmas of the government is deciding where to locate their hospitals such that they remain within accessible range of people. They need them to be where the population is high. People must have easy access for emergency services! They need to be able to cover as many people as is possible.

Hospitals have been around caring for the sick since the earliest times. Many groups claim to have been the first to develop the hospital but as an institution, they have been caring for our sick for around four thousand years!

There have been some famous hospitals down the centuries. The first hospitals were in Ancient Egypt where they were part of the Temples. In ancient times, the priests were also physicians. Ancient Greece had their own god of healing, Asclepius the serpents, whose symbol is still used by the medical profession.

Along the way in History, there is also the ‘Lady of the Lamp’ Florence nightingale that probably more than any other in history shaped the nursing profession.

The hospitals of today are very different from their predecessors. Full of the latest medical technology it is a constantly changing environment. Some of them have specialized into different areas of medicine. Some will specialize in teaching (training the next generation of doctors and nurses) where others will specialize in certain types of care (Cardiac, Brain Surgery, Children’s hospitals, etc)

The modern Hospital is staffed by professionally, highly trained people dedicated to the one aim of the hospital and that is to see people well again.