Services Found at a Veterinary Hospital, Find One in Chicago

Jun 11, 18 Services Found at a Veterinary Hospital, Find One in Chicago

When most people think of a veterinary hospital, they imagine surgery for pets. While your Chicago location should offer surgical and lab procedures, they focus on preventative care, as well. They should be a full-service location that includes everything from health exams to vaccines and more serious treatments, as well.

Health Exams

Just as humans need to visit the doctor once a year or so to get a check-up, pets do, as well. For one, it helps the veterinarian find medical problems quickly and treat them before they become more severe. Along with such, if nothing is found, you’re reassured that your pet is as healthy as possible. Your vet can also advise you on how to keep your pet healthy as they get older.

Surgical Procedures

The veterinary hospital you choose should also offer surgical procedures, including orthopedic treatments. Of course, they should check your pet and focus on other treatment plans, as surgery should be a last resort, just as with humans.

It’s also essential that you ask them what tools and technology they offer. For example, a CO2 laser is much better than a scalpel because it cauterizes the wound immediately so that there is less bleeding, swelling, and pain.


Humans usually have to get blood work done as they get older to test cholesterol and other issues. Pets can also benefit from having blood work done periodically. Vets can check blood counts, electrolytes, and much more. Plus, if they have an in-house lab, it ensures immediate and more accurate results.

A veterinary hospital should be available for routine care and emergencies, as well as everything in between. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic in Chicago at to learn more about their extensive list of services. Like us on our facebook page.